Did A Pipe Burst In Your Bathroom? Residential Damage Restoration And The Next Steps

What should you do if a pipe in your bathroom floor or wall bursts? Water is leaking from your second-story bath into your first-floor living, dining, cooking, or play space–and you're not sure what to do about the standing water, peeling plaster, or other damage. If a bathroom pipe is more than just dripping into the floor below it, take a look at what you need to know about residential damage restoration.

Why Is A Whole House Water Filter Better Than A Filter Pitcher?

In most areas, even if the drinking water is technically safe to drink, it might contain chlorine or other chemicals that make it taste less than amazing. You may wish to filter your water before drinking it. Some people accomplish this by putting the water through a filter pitcher, which works. However, there is an even better solution: installing a whole home water filter. Why is a whole home water filter a better choice than a filter pitcher?

Building Or Improving A Pole Barn? Understanding The Potential Value Spray Foam Insulation Can Add

The basic design of the average pole barn typically includes an uninsulated metal shell and roof that is supported by a structure of sturdy poles and framing. While able to provide basic shelter, the lack of insulation in a basic pole barn design can limit its use value, especially in climates where very cold or hot weather is common. If you are planning to build a new pole barn or improve an existing one, however, there are some important reasons to consider including spray foam insulation as part of your building or renovation project.

How To Hedge Against The Rising Cost Of Landscaping Materials

From wood chips to gravel, the cost of all landscaping materials can be extremely erratic. If you've found that you bid on a job one day only to find that you're outpriced the next, then you need to manage your expenses. There are a few ways that a landscaping company can hedge against the rising cost of landscaping materials. Pass Direct Costs to the Customer While this may seem the most direct solution, this is the least preferable case for your business.