Skip The Ugly Cement And Install Flagstone Patio Rock Instead

If you're revamping your backyard this spring but don't want a patio made of a big gray concrete slab, a great alternative is installing flagstone patio rocks.

Flagstones are flat, tile-like natural sedimentary rocks quarried for use in residential and commercial landscaping. 

Advantages of Flagstone Patios

Angular flagstone patio rock materials add attractive visual interest to your yard next to all of the more organic shapes of landscaping plants. Flagstone patios also mesh very well with stone pathways and swimming pool deck materials.

The single downside of flagstone patios is they can be slippery when wet. So, if you are installing the patio near a pool, it's best to use another material for the pool deck itself.

A flagstone patio is a fantastic way to give your backyard a high-end look. Patio rocks are ideal for all climates and will not crack from freezing or baking in the sun.

In addition, unlike concrete slab patios that require sealing, flagstones don't need any time or effort to maintain other than regularly hosing them off with water.

The Rocks Considered "Flagstones" 

The word "flagstone" doesn't refer to one specific type of sedimentary rock. It refers to a group of layered sedimentary rocks in different colors or with their own look. 

Common rocks sold as flagstones include:

  • Bluestone
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Quartzite

Each type of stone is sold in natural shapes and cut into squares or rectangles.

The Cost of a Flagstone Patio

The installed cost of a flagstone patio depends on many factors. 

For example, the cost of the flagstones depends on how close you live to where the stone is quarried. If you live close by, the patio rocks will be a lot cheaper than if they are shipped across the country because flagstones are typically sold on a pallet and by weight or square foot of coverage.

The patio's final cost also depends on the other patio rock materials you choose and your area's labor cost. 

Correct Flagstone Patio Installation

The key to a professional flagstone patio installation is using the correct technique. The last thing you want is your patio rocks moving around when someone walks across them or sits in a patio chair. You want the flagstones to feel like they are set in concrete.

A flagstone patio should consist of a level base covered with either woven or perforated landscaping fabric to prevent weeds from growing between the flagstones. 

The flagstones themselves should be securely placed into the base layer and then grouted with either sand or pea gravel.  

For more info about patio rock, contact a local seller.