Clothes Dryer Repair: Rattling And Inconsistent Performance

Clothes dryers are a staple in many households, providing us with fresh, warm clothes in a matter of minutes. But what happens when your dryer starts to rattle or perform inconsistently? Rather than heading straight for a new replacement, consider that the issue might be fixable.

Here's a thorough guide to some common causes of a rattling dryer and inconsistent performance, and how to potentially fix them.

Loose or Damaged Internal Parts 

A rattling noise often implies a loose or damaged internal part. Drum rollers, idler pulleys, or the blower wheel could be the culprits.

  • Loose Parts: If these parts are damaged or worn out, they may cause a rattling noise when the dryer is operating.

You'll need to open the dryer to examine these parts. Remember to disconnect the dryer from the power source before doing this. If you find any of these parts to be damaged, they will need to be replaced.

Foreign Objects

Sometimes, foreign objects like coins, keys, or buttons may fall out of pockets and into the dryer.

  • Objects: When this happens, they can cause a rattling sound when the dryer is running. Check the drum for any loose objects. Also, inspect the dryer lint filter as objects can get trapped there.

Dryer Belt

The dryer belt wraps around the drum and motor pulley to rotate the drum.

  • Belts: Over time, the belt can wear out or break, leading to a thumping or rumbling sound and potentially inconsistent performance. If the belt is damaged, it will need to be replaced.


If your dryer isn't level, it can cause it to vibrate and make rattling noises.

  • Leveling: Use a level to confirm whether your dryer is evenly placed. If it isn't, adjust its legs until it is balanced.

Motor Issue

The dryer's motor could be a cause of the noise and inconsistent performance.

  • Motor Problems: If the motor is making high-pitched, squealing noises or if the drum isn't turning even though the motor is running, the motor could be at fault. Replacing a motor is a complex task that should be handled by a professional.

Thermostat or Heating Element

If your dryer isn't performing consistently, especially if it's not heating properly, the thermostat or heating element could be to blame.

  • Heat Regulation: A malfunctioning thermostat can cause the dryer to overheat or not heat at all. Similarly, a faulty heating element can cause irregular heating. These components should be checked and, if necessary, replaced by a professional to avoid electrical mishaps.

Before attempting any repairs, it's important to consult the dryer's manual and follow any guidelines provided. If you are not comfortable performing these checks or repairs yourself, or if the problem persists after troubleshooting, it's best to call a professional.

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