Building Or Improving A Pole Barn? Understanding The Potential Value Spray Foam Insulation Can Add

The basic design of the average pole barn typically includes an uninsulated metal shell and roof that is supported by a structure of sturdy poles and framing. While able to provide basic shelter, the lack of insulation in a basic pole barn design can limit its use value, especially in climates where very cold or hot weather is common.

If you are planning to build a new pole barn or improve an existing one, however, there are some important reasons to consider including spray foam insulation as part of your building or renovation project. 

When living quarters are part of the plan

Turning some or all of the space within a pole barn into residential housing is a growing trend in many areas of the country. In fact, the term "barndominium" is often used to describe a pole barn that has been designed and finished for residential housing. The expansive metal surfaces of a pole barn can make it very difficult to install traditional insulation or prevent condensation issues from occurring. Spray foam insulation adheres directly to the interior metal surface of the wall and roof, eliminating potential problems with the initial installation as well as the risk of condensation.

When fragile livestock or plants require shelter

Spray foam insulation can also be an excellent choice for ensuring that fragile livestock or plants are protected from temperature extremes. Pole barns insulated with spray foam are excellent options in farming situations where lambs, calves, poultry or other fragile livestock are housed. Insulated pole barns equipped with dog doors can also provide shelter for livestock guardian dogs in inclement weather. 

Additionally, farms and homesteads that start their own flower or vegetable plants under grow lights in their pole barn will find that insulating the structure with spray foam will make the space much easier to keep at the desired temperature. 

When climate controlled storage options are needed

Pole barns that will be used as storage can also benefit from the application of high quality spray foam insulation. Common storage use examples that benefit from an insulated space can include: 

  • storage for diesel tractors, vehicles and equipment that must be kept warm to prevent fuel gelling and starting difficulties
  • storage for campers that have not been winterized 
  • storage for tools and equipment that utilize hydraulics 

There are many good reasons to explore the idea of using spray foam insulation for your pole barn installation or renovation project. To learn more, take time to discuss your plans and concerns with a reputable pole barn spray foam insulation contractor in your area.