6 Potential Foundation Repair Options

If you're dealing with residential foundation repair issues, you may be wondering what the possible options are. Here are 5 solutions a foundation repair contractor is likely to consider.


This solution is considered suitable in situations where the soil is loose or dry and a building is settling. A steel piling is driven into the ground until it reaches an acceptable layer of soil that can bear the structure's weight. This process is repeated in as many spots as necessary to prevent loose soil from presenting a long-term problem. The pilings are then connected to mounts that are attached to the foundation of the house.

Once everything is in place, a hydraulic lift can be used to lift the building back into place. After the house is level again, sufficient materials will be placed under the foundation to keep it level. The bulk of the load will continue to be borne by the steel piers.

Concrete Piers

Concrete is the standard material used for foundations, and work to effect repairs can also be done with concrete in many cases. The process is very similar to the one involving steel, with the exception that the piers are built from concrete. One downside to using concrete piers versus steel ones is that significantly more dirt has to be removed to accommodate the concrete ones.


The injection of foam is one of the simpler methods used to perform foundation repair work in settling homes or slabs. This approach is best in situations where there aren't any ducts, pipes, plumbing, or wires running through the concrete slabs that form the base of the foundation. Polyurethane foam is injected into the area where the foundation has settled, creating pressure and elevating the house.

Polyurethane foam is also frequently used to repair cracks. Some additional waterproofing work may need to be performed around the affected area.


Another approach to dealing with cracks and leaks is to use epoxy. The epoxy is used to fill the crack and join the two separating sections. Like with foam, further waterproofing work may need to be performed.

Banding with Strips

Vertical sections that are losing their ability to bear load have to be reinforced. Strips of steel or carbon fiber can be used to hold the wall together. These are then bolted to the slab on the floor to transfer the load. Bands may also be installed across the strips for additional reinforcement.

To learn more, contact a foundation repair contractor.