Modern Window Styles to Consider

The windows will affect the look of every room in your house. The rooms also play an important role in curb appeal and you can't afford to choose anything that will make a buyer think twice about the purchase if the house ever ends up on the market.

For modern homes, there is a good number of modern window style options to choose from. As long as you're working with a competent window installation contractor, you should have no problem getting the look you're you want in your replacement windows

Bay Windows

Bay windows can look really good from the inside of your house. These windows protrude a little bit from your outer wall. This allows them to capture more light for whichever room the window is in. Bay windows also create a little extra space in a room and this gives you a few options with regards to storage, creating a windows seat, or using the space for something else.

Sliding Windows

Simple yet elegant, sliding windows are a great option if you're not a big fan of window panes swinging about. Sliding windows come in a variety of styles and can have single or multiple opening panels.

Sky Lights

There are few windows that make your house look a cut above the rest like a skylight. These windows are an absolute delight from the inside, allowing you to enjoy lots of natural light during the day or a view of the stars at night. Skylights have evolved significantly over the years and there are various design options to consider, including some that are electrically controlled.

Picture Windows

As the name suggests, a picture window is all about capturing a scene that you find picturesque and framing it. These fixed windows are designed to focus on a particular view. The windows don't open so you don't have to worry about the elements.

Double-Hung Windows

One of the hallmarks of things considered modern living is versatility, and double-hung windows are a great choice when you need this. These windows can be opened either from the bottom or the top depending on what you like. The windows slide within the frame and don't protrude in or out.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are also quite useful. These windows are installed at the top, sides, or bottom of other windows or even doors. They're quite useful for ventilation when installed next to a fixed window.