3 Things Every Homeowner Should Be Doing to Keep Their HVAC System Working Properly

Nearly every home has some sort of HVAC system. This is the most effective way to keep your house comfortable in both the winter and the summer. However, not every homeowner knows what to do to make sure that their HVAC system is working properly and effectively. Here are some things that you should be doing to get the most out of your HVAC system.

1. Insulate Your House

Not properly insulating your house is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. There are many people who think that the reason that their house is cold in the winter and warm in the summer is because their HVAC system isn't working right. However, the system is working great—the insulation around the house just isn't holding the air inside.

Some things that you can do to better insulate your house is put new weather-stripping around the doors of the house. When your house was first built there was weather stripping installed around the doors that seals in the air. Over time as the door opens and closes is wears down the weather stripping so that it doesn't seal like it should. This causes the air to leave the house and temperature to reflect the outside rather than the inside.

Another thing you can do to insulate the house is check the windows. Many times the windows aren't hold in the air, and either need to be replaced, need to be reinstalled, or even sealed with a plastic type of wrap. If when you touch your window it reflects the outside temperature rather than the indoor temperature, your windows are no longer sealing right.

2. Change the Filters

Changing the filters is one of the easiest ways to keep your HVAC system working right. Many people neglect their filter only to have problems that could easily be prevented by just switching it out. You should be doing this every couple months.

3. Get Preemptive Servicing on Your System

Don't wait until you start having problems to get a maintenance man in to look at your system. This will cost you more money in repairs than just paying the tune-up fee and get the system serviced yearly. The repair man can catch problems early on and prevent them, rather than waiting and potentially having to replace the whole system.

By doing these things you can keep your HVAC system working properly. Learn more by contacting a residential or commercial air conditioning company.