Important Clues That Tell You That Your Foundation Needs To Be Repaired

As a homeowner, it is crucial to make sure that you are well aware of the clues that tell you that there is a serious issue with the foundation of your home. This way, you will be more likely to spot the problem and be able to call a contractor to have it repaired before it gets out of hand.

Separations Are Forming

Take a close look along the edge of your floor where it meets the walls. Do this at all levels of the floor, including the basement. They should meet, or touch, each other. If they are not and if there is the formation of large gaps between the floor and the wall, you most likely have a problem with your foundation. Once the problem with the foundation has been resolved, you will want to see what a contractor can do to fix the separation of the floors and walls.

Cracks In The Foundation Wall

It is important to make sure that you are carefully examining both the interior and the exterior for cracks. The reason you have to check both sides of the foundation wall is that small cracks that are in their early stages of formation may not go all of the way through the wall. Therefore, they can only be seen from one side. One very small crack may not be an immediate cause for concern, especially if this crack appears in an area that might have had previous repairs done to it. However, if the crack gets noticeably bigger or there are several cracks all throughout the foundation, you will want to take the time to call in a contractor to examine it.

The Crown Molding In The House No Longer Lines Up

If you have not looked up towards your ceiling in a while, you might want to so you can closely examine the crown molding in the house. All of it should line up perfectly, just like it did when it was first installed. Sure, foundations can settle over time, but it should never move so much that the crown molding is starting to separate. If you notice a separation forming, you will want to contact a contractor that can examine the condition of your foundation, repair it, and then also repair any problems in the house that have occurred because of the movement in the foundation.

Should you notice any of those clues, or anything else that strikes you as odd, you will want to schedule an appointment with a skilled contractor who can confirm your suspicion of a foundation problem. Contact a company like Parsa Construction to learn more.