5 Reasons Asphalt Felt Is No Longer The Primary Underlayment Used For Residential Roofing

You don't have to understand every aspect of roof construction to understand the purpose of an underlayment. Roofs involve a layer of plywood to support your shingles and add rigidity, and in between that decking and the shingles there is a third layer of material known as underlayment. It's designed mainly to stop moisture that manages to make it past the shingles, and basic asphalt-soaked felt was the primary option for decades.

Bring Your Concrete Project Inside

If you are like many homeowners, when you think of concrete, you automatically think about projects that you can do outside. Although there are many different projects which can be built in the great outdoors, there are some great indoor projects that you can create from concrete. One project that you may want to consider creating is concrete kitchen countertops. This is a project that will give your kitchen a whole new look, and concrete is a whole lot more flexible than you think.

Use Your Home Renovation As An Opportunity For Practical Plumbing Upgrades

Are you upgrading your home? Are you committing yourself to a renovation project? If so, this is the perfect time to add to the list of things you desperately need to do to help liven up the aesthetic and practical state of your domicile. If it has been a while since you've had an opportunity to commit yourself to any plumbing concerns, then during a home renovation is the perfect time to get down and dirty and use this chance to upgrade your plumbing for practical reasons.

Setting Your Gardening Sights High: Building A Rooftop Garden

When your property has limited space for gardening or you just don't have the back yard you've always wanted, that doesn't mean that you're out of luck for gardening. Instead of looking for ground space to plant, set your sights a bit higher – about rooftop height. Rooftop gardens are growing rapidly in popularity, not just in urban environments but also in the suburbs and rural neighborhoods. Not only does it give you the space you want to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables, but living roof structures are great for the environment, too.

House-Hunting: Sniffing Out Potential Problems

If you are in the process of looking for a home, you likely have a list of wants and needs. In addition to looking at the closet space and the age of the kitchen appliances, it's important to use your nose to detect potential issues before you fall head over heels with a particular home. Check out this list of serious problems that you may be able to sniff out before putting in an offer.