Get The Best Results From Exterior House Painting With High-Quality Paint Applied By A Professional

Painting your home's exterior is a big job. Painters make it look easy, but painting requires careful technique and preparation. The first step is to choose the color, and even that can be challenging. You might want a trendy color or something more classic. Your choice might depend on if you're painting your home to improve its curb appeal for selling or if you just want a fresh look for you to enjoy. Here are important points to know about exterior house painting.

Get Help With Paint Selection

When you hire an exterior house painting contractor, they can help you choose the paint to make the selection easier for you. You not only want the right color, but you also need the right type of paint and the highest quality you can afford. High-quality paint lasts longer and covers stains better, so it's worth investing in rather than buying bargain paint.

Prep The Surface Properly

At the least, your home will probably need to be washed before the painting starts. Your home may have a lot of peeling paint or damaged wood siding that needs to be repaired. Sometimes, pressure washing will remove peeling paint, but the contractor may need to scrape the paint too.

Also, stains should be removed when possible so they don't bleed through. This could involve killing mold and algae so they don't grow back once removed.

Choose The Best Weather Conditions

Paint manufacturers usually list the weather conditions for applying their paint on the label. Generally, paint shouldn't be applied when it's too cold or rainy. You might want to paint during a dry spell in the spring when it's not too cold or too hot. However, your home can be painted any time of the year as long as the temperature outdoors is within the suitable range.

Plan On Two Coats

Your exterior house painting contractor will probably apply two coats for the best coverage. Primer may not be needed unless you want to go from a dark color to a lighter color. To ensure the best coverage, it's best to keep the same color or go darker with the new color. Even if you choose the same color, two coats will provide the best coverage and protection and avoid streaking since it may be difficult to see the new paint as it's applied.

Even though you might be able to paint your home yourself, hiring an exterior house painting contractor ensures the results will look professional, and you can avoid safety issues that arise from working on a ladder yourself. For more information on exterior house painting, contact a professional near you.