What Sets A Commercial Construction Contractor Apart From A Residential Construction Contractor?

You probably already know that you should call a commercial construction contractor if you're going to have a commercial building built or if you're hoping to make improvements to your existing commercial property. However, you still might not be totally sure of the differences between a residential construction contractor and a contractor who specializes in building and remodeling commercial buildings. These are some of the things that set these two types of contractors apart.

Bigger, Heavier-Duty Equipment

For one thing, you might notice that the equipment that a commercial construction contractor has and uses is bigger and able to withstand heavier-duty use than the equipment and tools that a residential contractor has. If you hire a commercial construction contractor, you can help make sure that the crew that you hire has the right equipment and tools to get your construction project done.

Knowledge of Commercial Building Regulations and Codes

Some of the building codes for residential and commercial construction are the same. There are typically a lot of differences between the two as well, though. You don't want to hire a contractor who does not have a solid understanding of commercial building regulations and codes, or you might have problems with getting your permits or passing your building inspections. If you choose a commercial building contractor who has a lot of experience in working on commercial projects in your area, however, you should be able to work with a professional who already knows about all of the requirements for a commercial property in your area.

An Understanding of Commercial Needs

A residential construction contractor might have a solid understanding of what works well in a home and what is popular among homeowners and home buyers. A commercial contractor, on the other hand, might have a more solid understanding of what business owners are looking for when having a commercial building constructed or renovated. You may find that you will get better advice and better results from working with a commercial construction contractor on your commercial project.

Bigger Insurance Policy

Commercial construction projects can be much larger and more expensive. If something goes wrong, costs could be much higher. Most good contractors have some form of insurance, but typically, someone who specializes in residential construction simply does not need as much insurance coverage. A commercial contractor, on the other hand, should have a bigger insurance policy in place to protect both you and the construction business if something goes wrong.

For more information, contact a commercial construction contractor service in your area.