Drain Maintenance Answers Homeowners Should Know

The drains in your home are components of the plumbing system that you are likely to encounter the most often. However, the drains can also be a part of the house that is the easiest to overlook as homeowners often assume that they will be completely maintenance-free.

Is It Necessary To Clean A Drain With A Garbage Disposal?

The kitchen drain that uses the garbage disposal is often assumed to be completely maintenance-free. However, this is actually one of the most maintenance-intensive drains in the house. Failing to regularly clean the garbage disposal drain can allow large amounts of leftover food and grease to collect around the garbage disposal. When cleaning the garbage disposal, it is important to avoid using corrosive chemicals, as these could cause the metal blades of the disposal to rust. Also, these chemicals could cause the motor that spins the blades to fail.

Can Boiling Water Really Help Remove Clogs?

When a drain becomes clogged, one of the first steps that can be taken to correct it will be to flush the drains with a large amount of extremely hot water. Doing this will loosen the sticky residues that are leading to the formation of clogs. While individuals may assume that this water will have to be boiling, it is actually not advisable to use boiling water. This could be hot enough to damage the interior of the pipes. To avoid this, you should remove the water from the heat before it starts to boil.

Will Drain Cleaning Harm Your Septic Tank System?

A homeowner that uses a septic tank to process their wastewater may be worried about draining cleaning's impact on the septic system. Unfortunately, there are some drain cleaning chemicals that will be able to alter the balance of the bacteria in the septic tank. This can severely degrade its performance, as the solid material in the tank will not be able to break down as quickly. Luckily, there are septic-safe drain cleaning products that can be used to effectively address these problems without posing a risk to the septic tank.

Drain issues do not have to create serious problems for a home if the owner is prepared to address and prevent these plumbing problems from developing. In particular, homeowners that appreciate the benefits of hot water flushes, using septic-safe drain cleaners, and being particularly diligent with maintaining the garbage disposal drain will be better able to keep their drains flowing smoothly and efficiently.