Three Things To Know About Using A Septic Tank

Are you new to owning a septic tank and not sure what you should be doing to take care of it? If so, it helps to know the following three things about septic tanks so that yours continues to work well.

Know How Waste Breaks Down

The septic tank is not a place where the waste is collected until its ready to be removed. The tank is actually used for breaking down solid waste prior to it going into your drain field. This is done by using the natural bacteria found in the solid waste to break it down. If the tank doesn't have the right balance of bacteria to make it work, the tank won't break down solid waste and it will fill up prematurely.

That's why it's important to be aware of what you are putting into your drains and how it affects the bacteria inside the tank. Using antibacterial cleaners can reduce the effectiveness of the bacteria in the tank over time. Diluting the bacteria with a lot of clean water can also make it harder for the tank to break down waste.

While there is no harm to the tank when making these mistakes, it will only cost you money in the form of premature septic tank pumping.

Watch What You Flush

A septic tank is only designed to take in items that can naturally break down in the tank. A common problem is people in your home not understanding this, and treating it more like a toilet that is connected to a city sewer system.

Some common items that mistakenly make their way into a septic tank are napkins, paper towels, and sanitary products. It is a good idea to place trash cans near your toilets to avoid the temptation to flush anything that shouldn't go into a septic tank. In addition, it is a good idea to use septic tank safe toilet paper, which is designed to break down much easier than regular toilet paper once it is in the tank.

Limit Water Use

You'll also need to break some habits when it comes to how you use water in your home. Avoid letting the water run when brushing your teeth, taking long showers, and running consecutive loads of laundry. Even taking a shower at night can help prevent the septic tank from being overloaded with clean water when everyone else showers in the morning.

If you find yourself needing to service or pump your septic tank, reach out to a septic tank service company like LP Murray.