5 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Red Hot For 2019 {And 1 Shocker That's Not}

Kitchen design can be tricky. Tastes change and trends evolve. Yet, a kitchen remodel is a very expensive undertaking. No one wants to save for the remodel only to have it be out of style the very next month. This list of design trends is what may be hot in 2019, but don't let that stop you from creating the kitchen you've always wanted. 

1. Wood Counters: Whether reclaimed wood, butcher block, or a "live" edge, wood counters are strutting their stuff in kitchens across America this year. Wood is a classic element in the kitchen and helps add warmth and beauty.

2. Dark Colors: While the trend in kitchens has been light and bright, 2019 darkens things up quite a bit. Dark colors are are the rise, and we will see kitchens in rich navy and black, from cabinetry, paint color, and tile. If this trend scares you, but you love dark colors, try painting the walls dark. Paint is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to update a kitchen. 

3. Mismatched Cabinetry: Having a kitchen island in a different cabinetry color may have been considered daring a few years, but homeowners are now embracing the two-tone trend. Those who are more conservative in their choices can use the same countertop selection throughout the kitchen, while the more adventuresome can use two different counter selections in their design.

4. Waterfall Edge: This is another bold choice for 2019. A waterfall edge is a stone or marble countertop, usually located on an island, that extends beyond the horizontal plane and 'falls' down the side of the island to the floor. While expensive, it certainly makes for a show-stopping kitchen design feature.

5. Black Appliances: With dark cabinetry comes the need for darker appliances (again). If you are not a fan of stainless steel, this is your year. Install your long-lost black appliances and you can be ahead of the curve. 

And, What's Out for 2019?

Brace yourself! White kitchens are out for 2019. Don't let this stop you, however. White kitchen are always coming in and going out of style. White is a classic look that works with just about every design trend and will stand the test of time. Kitchen design trends come and go. While we can pretty much guarantee that avocado green is never coming back, anything else can and will. Go with what you like and it will serve you well when you start your kitchen remodeling project.