Improving The Efficiency Of Your Home's Energy Usage With Upper-Level Improvements

If you just bought your first home, you will soon find out there are many tasks to undertake to ensure your abode provides you with efficient heating and cooling in extreme temperatures. Many will look toward their air conditioning and heating units themselves to make changes to efficiency levels, however, making some easy changes to the highest level of your home can also be an effective way in retaining the air temperature you desire inside of your home. Here are some tricks you can use in the attic or on the roof of your house to help you keep energy usage at a minimum as a result.

Make Sure There Are No Visible Cracks

Do a complete evaluation of the condition of your attic walls to determine if there are voids present which may be allowing heat or cooled air to escape. If you see spots where you are able to see the sunlight outdoors peeking through to the interior, you will definitely need to make arrangements to fill these areas in their entirety. This can be done by hiring a contractor to take a look at the siding, or you can take matters into your own hands and apply caulk to areas where gaps are present. Make sure to tend to any voids around window frames in addition to the siding for maximum energy efficiency.

Increase The Amount Of Insulation Present

If your attic does not have insulation present along the interior ceilings or walls, or if the amount in place does not seem to be doing an adequate job at keeping heat or cooled air in the home as desired, you may want to consider adding layers to increase protection. Insulation can be professionally packed between the siding and drywall to aid in the retention of heat or air conditioning. If your walls and ceiling area consist of bare wood boards, placing the insulation between beams will be beneficial in helping to contain the desired air temperature to the interior of the home.

Think About Adding Additional Shingles

Adding another layer of shingles to the roof side of your attic may also be helpful in keeping temperatures at your desired levels inside of the home. This additional barrier of protection will help keep air from escaping between gaps that may be present between shingles. Since another layer would be positioned where the edges overlap the middles of shingles on the existing layer of roof protection, air is less likely to escape through crevices.

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